Phentermine 37.5 mg Weight Loss Efficacy

As a weight loss drug, Phentermine works by controlling the appetite of the individual. Phentermine has been proven to be effective in helping people to get rid of extra weight. However, its efficiency does not offer drastic weight loss reduction. The results of the studies conducted recently showed that Phentermine 37.5 mg leads to weight loss at about a pound per week or less. If a person continues taking Phentermine, the drug’s efficiency drops significantly simply because your body gets used to the drug and the impact of the Phentermine doses on losing weight diminishes significantly due to your body’s newly formed immunity to the formula.

For that reason, it is highly recommended that Phentermine should be taken with a proper diet and regular exercise. The effects of Phentermine can be enhanced with the proper lifestyle. Even without right diet, taking Phentermine will generate some weight loss because your appetite is suppressed by the drug, but the outcome will be very minimal and often disappointing.

If one gets concerned with the amount of weight loss provided by the Phentermine doses, it is important not to increase the dosage without consulting a medical professional. Not being cautious about this could cause adverse reactions and numerous intolerable side effects. In most cases, it is the frustration that leads patients to increasing their dose without advisement. However, the weight remains leveled because the project of losing weight, besides the benefits of the medication, requires a proper diet and regular work-outs, which should be developed into comprehensive exercise programs.

Studies conclude that Phentermine is a comparatively safe weight loss drug. The drug’s side effects could be easily accepted by the person using the drug and in the majority of cases it doesn’t cause any uncomfortable reactions that aren’t easily tolerated such as dry mouth and sleeplessness, which can be avoided by taking your doses long before bedtime.

When the patient tries to increase the dosage by her/his own decision, the drug’s side effects most likely will be more extreme than the effects experienced on the prescribed dose. More possible side effects of Phentermine include: hyperactivity, mood swings, sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction, loss of sexual appetite, dizziness, increased anxiety, severe depression, muscle disruptions, cardiac and respiratory related issues etc.

In short, the efficiency of your Phentermine regimen depends highly on you and your willingness to discipline yourself into controlling your diet and the amount of exercise in your daily routine. You must also stay in control and keep notes on any side effects that you may notice either beginning, increasing or decreasing as it will be very important throughout the time you are taking Phentermine doses.

Keeping track of your results every day is an accurate and well recommended way to record your weight loss results. A great tip would be to keep a sturdy weighing scale around that is accurate and kept in the same place (otherwise the weights in the scale are damaged and it will need to be recalibrated or just continue to read out the wrong results). With this same scale, weigh yourself every other day, or every day if you prefer it, and record the results.

Do your best to also record what you’ve eaten throughout the day (every day!) as well as what types of exercises you performed and for how long. It may sound like a pain to take on such activities but if you really are in need of losing weight quickly and as healthily as possible, then you should truly consider sticking to some sort of plan similar to the previously mentioned tips. Good luck and never give up!

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